Monday, August 17, 2009

Organize your space! 1 week series and workshop

This week we will be focusing on organizing a physical space in our home or office.

We will loosely follow the "5S" method that big corporations like Toyota use in their factories. I say loosely, because I will be adding some personal insights, and good tips from other methods as well.

The 5S method states: "A place for everything, and everything in its place, clean and ready to use." Wouldn't that be nice?

If you had a clean space... you could look like her:

We will be following certain steps in our organization. Check back each day to see what to do next. Homework assignments might be given each night as well!



* Find a space to get under control.

*It could be a bedroom, family room, desk, or even a little junk drawer! You pick!

*Take pictures of your space!

*Come and link your picture or blog here so we can encourage each other!

Okay, now you have your spot. Find a time when you don't have any distractions and look at this space. Have a notebook and pen in hand, and HONESTLY answer the following:

*What is this space's function?

*Is it currently serving that function?

*What amount of time is spent here?

*Would you spend more time if it was clean and organized?

*What do you like and dislike about this area?

Start dreaming. Imagine this area neat and tidy, with a place for everything. Imagine it fulfilling it's life's mission. WRITE DOWN what you think!

That's all for today! You are now armed with a "before" picture, and a list of what you would like to see the space become.

Homework for tomorrow!

Find 3 boxes or bags. If you are doing a full room, you might need large ones. If you are doing a small space, smaller boxes are required.

Go to bed dreaming about a new, functional living space!

We'll see you tomorrow!

Here is my space! Yikes!

My computer is the white one, Hubby's the black. There is a big table in between us that could use some organization! Help!

(Don't worry that it says "Envisioning Beauty" on Mr. Linky! Enter anyway!)


  1. Count me in! I'm going to tackle something pretty small and simple - my computer desk area. Thanks for hosting this workshop.

  2. I'm doing my computer area too, but mine looks a lot worse than yours! :)

    Thanks for joining us!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    I think that I will try this organization technique for my bedroom/catch-all.

    Have a great Monday!

  4. Okay...I'm ready to get organized!

  5. That's a good idea to give homeworkd.

  6. My office only allows us to have 1 personal item and 1 glass/mug/bottle on our desk. Very clean looking, but also kinda sad!! haha