Friday, September 25, 2009

In my Kitchen

I cleaned my kitchen today. Completely.

I did the dishes. Scrubbed the counters. I even handwashed all the big bowls and cookie sheets that had been sitting on top of my microwave for a week... uh... I mean day... ;)

Then I looked around. It was too clean. I can't have that, can I?

So, I started to bake.

It was the kids turn to pick the cookie flavor. They chose Snickerdoodles, so we got out our mix from MegsCreations and went to town.

Then, as part of dinner, I made Parmesan Popovers. I found the recipe on a blog the other day, and unfortunately, forgot where I found them! They are made with eggs, milk, herbs, parsley, and Parmesan cheese in mini-muffin pans! So tiny! My 3 yr old helped and was so proud of her little "muffins"! I'll post the recipe soon!

We then started on our Honey Whole Wheat Bread which the whole family enjoys. This brought another moment of elation. I don't have a kitchen aid, so have to knead by hand for 10 minutes. BUT... I remembered that the new hand mixer my In-laws gave me came with dough hooks! I was so excited! The job was so much easier with them. The loaves are in the oven right now. Mmmm...

We then proceeded to dinner. I remembered that I had some whipping cream in the fridge that needed to be used. So, I whipped (ha ha) out my cookbook and found a recipe for Alfredo Sauce. I'm not going to post it. It was passable, but my own sauce, made with cream cheese, is SO much better!

For desert, we had a snickerdoodle in chocolate ice cream.

So, for now, I think I'm done! Well, at least until the bread is done...then I'll have a warm slice with strawberry jam... mmm...


  1. What a tasty night!! I am happy im not the only one who has cookie sheets on my counter for a week.. umm I mean day LOL!! Snickerdoodles are my hubbys fave :D I need to bake some soon.

  2. I was going to post a comment that said "I DID THE SAME THING!" but then you talked about cooking and baking - which I avoid. So all I really did was clean the kitchen.

  3. Okay, now I feel better about my cookie sheets on the counter!