Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CSN Stores

Have you ever shopped at an online CSN store? Let me tell you, it is one cool, envy-inspiring activity! CSN has over 200 online stores! Seriously, I spent at least 2 hours yesterday combing through them, making an extreme wish list!

CSN has contacted me to do a review of their products. I'm still trying to narrow down which product to choose! It will be worth the wait though- wait until you see what fun kitchen gadgets I get! And, oh, you've got to see these amazing Stools. They are absolutely beautiful. They go on my "when my kids grow up and won't destroy this" list!

Check out their Cookware site, and all of the other over 200 sites! I wish I had found these shops before the holidays... but I'm sure I will be on them often throughout the year.

Check back soon for a review of CSN products!

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