Monday, February 22, 2010

Review of "Bread Alone"

Today I would like to do something different. I would like to do a book review. I'm a member of an online book trading club, so I am constantly reading. I average 2 books a week. I have 30 books waiting to be read on my bookshelf, and 6 more in the mail making their way towards me! Some of the books I read are just to pass the time, but once in awhile, I get to read a great one. Today's book is one of those.

Bread Alone
Judith Hendricks

Now, if I went over a synopsis of the book, you might get bored. Nothing earth shattering or original happens in the book. It's simply a book about life. The main character, Wyn, is basically thrown out of her husband's home and life. She moves in with a best friend in Seattle to try to re-coup. She takes a job baking bread and starts to grow.

What I loved about this book (besides the baking and the recipes!) was that it was about family, friends, and growth. Wyn is a sensible, loving woman who makes friends easily and is always there for those friends. Baking bread is her catharsis. Bread becomes a metaphor for her life as she grows and "bakes" along with her career.

"Bread Alone" is a simple read, but an enjoyable one. It made me think of the people in my life, and what I am contributing. When I finished the last page, I wanted to do two things: bake bread, and go call my family.

I give this book 5 stars for thoughtfulness and for the wonderful journey it takes you on. *****

Now, I just have to add one more review here. I am desperate to get the word out on this book.
Do NOT read:

"A Reliable Wife"

by Robert Goolrick

I was only able to read 60 pages of this book. It was dark, depressing, and dirty. It reeked of insanity and lust. Now, I love a good romance, but this had no romance. It was so bad, that I barely made it through the first 60 pages as it was. The only redeming factor in this book was the writing. It was poetic and beautiful, drawing the reader in. However, I did not appreciate the world that it drew me in to. Do NOT read this book!! I guess I should have read the reviews on Amazon first!

Now, having said that- this book has received some great reviews. If you have read it, and enjoyed it, PLEASE comment on why!

My rating: 1 star. * And that's for the poetic writing.

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