Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The ABC Food Challenge Week 5

Good Morning! The ABC Challenge is a little late this week due to my awesome feature day on Monday!  But, no worries! You can have a few extra days to cook.

The letter of the week is "M"! Now, let's try not to go generic here with "Meat". But... if that's all you can think of... but I'm sure you can think of something else! This group is nothing if not creative!

So, get those menu planners out and get to planning a great meal with foods that start with M! Here are some ideas to get you started:

And for Dessert...

If you need the rules, they are available in the first ABC post!

Comment to let me know you are joining, link to Mr. Linky when you post your meal!


  1. Ok, so I just blogged about my "R" meal!!!!!! When I saw your blog on Monday, I thought the "R" challenge was posted more recently than it was. grrr at my stupidity. I think I'll link up anyway. I'm sad I didn't make a "M" meal!

  2. LOL CK! Now you can make a "M" meal! Off to see what you made for R!