Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The coolest Garlic tool ever!

A few weeks ago, my family drove to Arizona to spend the weekend at my parents house. We had a fantastic time, and really miss them!

One night I was helping my mom in the kitchen, and noticed her running a toy car back and forth across her cutting board. I watched for a second before, puzzled, I asked what in the world she was doing! It turns out that this little toy car was indeed a Garlic Chopper!  I was determined to find one when I got home!

But... unpacking after our trip, I came across a little toy... Garlic Chopper! My sneaky mom had put hers in one of our bags. I am so thrilled and have used it so much already! It really makes it easy to use the garlic.

So, here it is in all it's glory! Isn't it cute?

I promise that you NEED one!!  Go get one right now! 

You can thank me later. ;)          


  1. We have one too!! I gave one to my dad as a present and he loves it so we had to get one ourselves!! Yay for garlic breath!!

  2. Wow.. that looks awesome! I wonder if it's the same as a garlic press? I hate mincing garlic using a press.. the garlic always gets stuck inside!

  3. CurlyJ- it is NOT the same as a garlic press. This chops the garlic into as big or little pieces as you wish. It's really easy to get all of the garlic back out as well! Thanks for your comment!

  4. I SO need that. I started using one of those plates with a grater on it. It is glazed so you don't hurt your fingers but it is still a pain. I will be checking that little guy out.

  5. You can also get these at Target for 9.99!
    I'm glad you love it Double Dipped!


  6. i've seen those, and determined to get one...but somehow forgot along the way. i'll definitely put it on the list!

  7. What a sweet mom! I've never seen one of these before either. I'll have to check it out.