Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 19 Meal Plan

 Here we go again! I missed last week, and I apologize. I was very sick in bed. That being said, I didn't do a lot of cooking.  This week's meals mostly come from my "Try now" recipe folder from other wonderful food blogs. They are all linked so you can explore new blogs! Make sure to come back here though! :)  I'm writing this a few days ahead of the posting, so hopefully I'll have the time to try some of these meals before you do! (I've had Day 6 many times and it is absolutely fabulous! So, start there!)

Day 1Slow Cooker Chili with Crusty Bread
Day 2: FANCY MEAL: Beef Roast with Parmigiano and Cream with Rosemary Foccacia Bread and Strawberry -Lime Shortcakes with Coconut Cream for dessert.
Day 3: Pumpkin Pie French Toast with bacon and eggs (or your favorite sides!)  **This was good, but not fantastic. I'll give it 3 stars out of 5! Recommend adding extra Pumpkin Pie spice.
Day 4: Pasta with Butternut Parmesan Sauce and 1-hour rolls with a green salad.
Day 5: Pork Chalupas served Mexican style in a burrito or as a salad. This was good, but the beans didn't cook all the way, and it was too salty! I've adjusted the recipe for less salt!
Day 6Ritz Cracker Chicken with Steamed broccoli

Dessert: Graham Cracker Snickerdoodles 

The menu, recipes, and shopping list are all available in one place! Click here! 


  1. Whoops! I didn't mean to post the same meal twice in a row! I'm glad that you liked it Laura! I'm actually going to finally make it this week too.