Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The ABC Food Challenge! Letter E

 And... our ABC Food Challenge is back! I've taken a few weeks off to feature some holiday foods, but we need to get back to imaginative cooking this week!

Now, the letters are getting harder... but I think that "E" has a lot of options!

What can you cook and/or bake with the main ingredients starting with E? 

Comment if you are going to join our challenge, and then link up your recipe (new or old) to Mr. Linky!  Most of all, have fun!

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Eggrolls (Southwest-Style)
Eggs- Hardboiled, Scrambled, Fried... you decide!


Are you up for the challenge? Here are the rules:

1. Only the main components of the meal have to start with the assigned letter. You can use other foods to compliment or season the meal. For ex., on the "C" meal, you can use garlic on your chicken as well!

2. The letter of the week will be posted on Monday.  You have until Friday to link up your recipe or post.

3. The letters will not go in order, and will not be announced until Monday. However, if you tell me that you would like some advance notice, I can post a few weeks at a time.

4. Have fun! I am always available by email or twitter or facebook if you need ideas!