Monday, April 11, 2011

Colorful Cupcakes!

My daughter's birthday was on March 27th, and we decided to make some fun cupcakes. I'd seen this idea on a few blogs and websites. It's easy enough to do; just be prepared to have colored hands for a few days! 

Mix a white cake mix according to package directions. Split the mix into a few bowls and tint each a different color with food color. I found that Wilton's Food Gel works the best. Then, just layer each color in muffin tins, and cook according to the package directions. 

I think the best part of this was not knowing how they were going to turn out. I tried to layer mine with the 3 different colors very carefully, but McKenzie just drizzled whatever she wanted wherever she wanted! 

When they were cooked, you can see the colors through the wrappers. We dyed white frosting pink. I think we'll use a little less dye next time so we can eat more cupcakes without some... ah... side effects... that showed up the next day...ahem...

The birthday girl (okay, all of us) had a great time unwrapping these and seeing what color combinations we made!  Even some of the carefully layered ones turned more "tie-dye" after baking. They were pretty cool though! 

Happy 5th Birthday my darling! 

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