Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy 3rd Blogversary to me! Cake and Ice Cream from SRC

Good Morning!  Today marks my 3 year "blog" anniversary!  I really can't believe it's been 3 years! Thank you to all of my loyal readers. It's been quite the adventure.

I think my photos have improved...
Honey Whole Wheat Bread 8-5-09    
Meaty Spaghetti Sauce  8-16-2011

And I think my recipes, my writing, and my networking has improved as well.  Mostly though, I have stayed true to my goal of this blog being a place to celebrate food. At my own pace, and my own tastes.

Now, on to the celebration's dessert!  Everyone needs Cake and Ice Cream for a anniversary. Right? Especially Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake!

This month for the Secret Recipe Club, I was assigned to Ambition Kitchen. I love this blog, and have been a fan for awhile now.  Kelly is from Utah; same as me!  We seem to have similar tastes in food, and her blog is just terrific. 

Right when you open her blog, your mouth starts watering. Just look at that amazing cake in her header. I wanted that cake. Now, I've never learned how to ice cakes and make them look good. I don't have the fancy equipment. I actually ended up using the ziplock bag trick, but still couldn't get pretty drizzles. Oh, well. It's the taste that counts!

Add in another of Kelly's recipes for Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, and you're ready to party!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake 
Ambition Kitchen
Copycat recipe for "Nothing Bundt Cakes"

1 box Devil's Food Cake Mix
1 small box chocolate fudge instant pudding
1 C sour cream (full fat)
4 eggs
1/2 C water
1/2 C canola oil
1 1/2 C mini semi-sweet chocolate chips

Mix all ingredients together until well incorporated. Add chocolate chips and stir to distribute. 

Pour into a bundt cake pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray. (I forgot this step- another reason why I had to hide the top of my cake with frosting!)  
Bake in preheated oven at 350 degrees for 45-55 minutes, or until toothpick inserted comes out with just a few moist crumbs attached. 
Let cool for 20 minutes. Remove from pan. 

*Now, Kelly mentions covering the cake with plastic wrap and refrigerating overnight before frosting.  She liked it this way.  I just let the cake cool, and then frosted it and it was wonderful that way as well! So, do whichever method you have time for.

Cream Cheese Frosting

2 pkgs. 8 oz. each cream cheese, softened

1/2 C butter, softened
3-5 C powdered sugar (depending on desired consistency- I only used 2 cups)
2 teas vanilla extract

In a medium bowl, beat together cream cheese and butter until smooth. Add vanilla and mix well. Slowly add powdered sugar, 1 cup at a time, until desired consistency has been reached. You want it to stay pretty thick.

Pipe the frosting onto cooled cake. Slice and serve. Cover well and refrigerate any leftovers.

Simple 3 Ingredient Vanilla Ice Cream
Ambition Kitchen

We have some picky ice cream fans in my house.  They only like vanilla.  I really wanted to fancy this ice cream up with some brownies like Kelly does, or some chocolate chips or fruit.  But, since I was planning on serving it with a cake that has the word Chocolate twice in it's title I just did vanilla.  Feel free to add your favorite mix ins!

2 Cups Whipping Cream
1 (14oz) can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 teas Vanilla Extract
Desired add-ins

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ICE CREAM MAKER: Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, being sure to thoroughly incorporate the condensed milk. Pour into ice cream maker and churn as per instructions. Mix your add ins into the ice cream, transfer to a sealed container and place in freezer for a few hours to firm up more, or enjoy as soft serve consistency!

INSTRUCTIONS WITHOUT ICE CREAM MAKER: Whip heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form. Add sweet & condensed milk and vanilla. Stir until well combined. Add mix ins and freeze in freezer for 6 hours then serve!

Happy Blogversary!


  1. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY! I am Karen and I am from Lavender and Lovage and I was your secret partner! LOVE this cake and come and see what I made of yours! Karen xxx

  2. Happy Blogiversary!!! And what a great way to celebrate, cake and ice cream.

  3. Happy blog birthday!! :)
    That is a great way to celebrate! I love that the bundt cake has cream cheese frosting - yummy!

  4. Happy blogversary to you! This cake looks so decadent.

  5. Happy blogaversary. Your cake is drool worthy, can you send over a slice...and yes with ice cream.

    If you haven't already, I'd love for you to check out my group "A" SRC entry: Double Chocolate Mousse Cake.

    Cook Lisa Cook

  6. Happy Blogiversary!!! That cake and ice cream looks like the perfect way to celebrate:-) I love the 2 ingredient ice cream!!!!

  7. Happy Blogiversary! We are just about the same "age", mine turned three in June!

    and what fun it is to coincide the celebration with a SRC Reveal Day! Awesome!

  8. Happy 3rd blogversary!! And what a perfect choice to celebrate!

  9. Happy Blogiversary! :) And awesome cake!!

  10. Happy Blogiversary and that cake looks absolutely fabulous! Yum! Your photography might be awesome now, but it was pretty good back then too... remember we can only improve! :) Great pick for SRC!

  11. Haapy Blogiversary !
    That cake looks delicious. What an amazing way to celebrate.

  12. oh goodness! happy 3 years to you! it takes a lot of dedication, love, excitement, boredom, and just plain drive to make a blog work for that long - good job!!

    also, i am in LOVE with cake. it's one of those things i just eat and eat and eat and eat and eat if it's available. i love this post. obviously.

    happy belated SRC reveal day!

  13. Hi! I'm visiting from SRC Group D. Happy blog birthday!! 3 years - what a great achievement :) And the perfect cake to celebrate - definitely need chocolate and ice cream :)

  14. Happy Blogversary! What a delicious way to celebrate.