Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 3: All Systems GO!

Welcome back! I'm so glad you are still with us!

But...I guess I have all your items hostage in a you had to come back... Anywho...


Day 3

Shine and Store

*A friendly reminder from your overseer...I mean... helper! Even though we are taking this process one day at a time, it is NORMAL to take longer. I hope that we don't lose anyone a long the way. Keep reading, keep planning, and keep on working! We will all come to the same amazing results!

AND... at the end I will be posting before and after pictures! I will add yours whenever you can get them to me!

So... back to work!

Cleaning day!

I assume that you all know how to clean. Do it.

Is your space this clean? :)

Then... Storing time!

It is time to put in place Systems.

I won't be regulating your systems. Do what works for you.


In my space, I am hanging up file systems.

I am buying an expanding file folder that goes from 1-31. As I get bills in the mail, I will open them, and then put them in the folder on the date they need to be taken care of.

If you are cleaning a craft room, you can buy bins - or use old cardboard boxes - to store items in.

LABELING is so important! Label boxes if it applies in your system.

You WILL have to WORK on your systems continuously. They, unfortunately, won't run themselves.

Make systems that you know that you can maintain.

Make systems that work for you and your style.

If you find it's not working, change it.

Post your ideas in the comments, and get ideas from others!


Once you have your files or storage boxes or whatever you are using in place, start emptying your "keep" box.

One item at a time. Find each object a home.

Homework for tonight:


We will talk more tomorrow about sustaining our systems.

Congratulations on getting this far! Doesn't your space look amazing?


  1. I'm still working on going through my stack of magazines. As for storage - I went out yesterday looking for some stacking trays (for my printer paper, etc.) but couldn't find any I liked. So, I will continue looking...

  2. You are on the ball! I am still working on my space- and puzzling over the huge pile of cords. Hubby is not excited that I'm going to be messing with them! ;)