Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You put the right foot in...

Welcome to Day Two of Organize your Space!

If you missed the first day, it is HERE.


Day Two

1. SORT "Separate the neccessary from the unnecessary."

We are starting the 1st official step of the 5S program. Some steps will be consolidated.

Get out your 3 bags or boxes that you collected last night. Put them in or near the area you are fixing.

1 box for "Garbage"

1 box for "Give away"

1 box for "Keep"

We are going to take each item in the space one by one. Some will be easy to designate to their box; some will not be. If you come across an item that you are not sure about, ask yourself:

*What is the history behind this item?

*Does it hold a special place in my heart/life?

*Would it make someone else happier than it makes me?

*Is it something that I can take a picture of and then give or throw it away?

Consider your answers, and then choose where the item goes. There is NO judging here, no mandatory "throw away everything!" This system is designed to give everything a home. If everything in your room needs to stay, then you will need to find a home for every last item.

When your space is completely cleared, take a deep breath! Clearing the space might take an hour, it might take a day or two. Be patient with the mess you will create. It will all be worth it in the end!

Now, run the garbage out to be disposed.

Put the "give away" box somewhere where you can't see it. You will be keeping this box for a day or two. Why? Because if you find yourself thinking about a particular item in that box, and you know you need it back, then you can grab it. Do NOT keep going through the box. You know what's in there. If you think about something, then you will know that you still need it.

Now, if you can live in this space without putting every "keep" item back, keep them in the box for just a little longer. We want a clear space for the next step.

Step back. Look at your space. Grab your paper from yesterday, and refresh your dream of this space in your mind. Imagine that the room is already complete. Isn't your life grand?

Homework Time!

Tomorrow we will be cleaning, and starting to put systems into place.

If you need to go shopping for cleaning supplies, or for new items to put in your space, do so tonight. (Ex: file drawer, a new shoe rack, etc.)

Remember- you don't want to bring a lot of useless things back into your space. Choose items that will compliment your dream.

Sleep well! You worked hard today, and accomplished quite a bit! Congratulations!

Please comment on how your work is going! If you are blogging about the experience- and we hope you are- then link us!


  1. Okay! Off to sort out the cabinets!

  2. I'm working on my computer desk area. It's also where we store our DVD's (which we have way too many). I went through them all and now have 25 DVD's that I can get rid of (I'll be taking them to Half Price Books to sell). Now, I'm working on going through my stack of magazines that are piled on top of the desk.

  3. Awesome ladies! I will be doing my computer desk this afternoon.

    Any ideas on how to hide cords?

  4. What a coinkidink! I'm right below you on the blog roll @ sits and I was thinking of finding someone with organization tips. I normally blog the person before me. And you have what I need.
    Thanks for the tips.

  5. Hi Shimmy! Thanks for stopping by from SITS! We would love it if you "played" along with us this week and got an area cleaned up! More tips coming!

  6. We just bundle and zip tie the cords neatly here :) But I like those bumpy tubes with a slit down them that the cords slide in.

  7. yeah, I might just have to tie them. There's too many for the tubes.

  8. I love the 3 box idea. I need to get back to doing this, I always accomplish so much when I use this technique! Thanks for sharing!