Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Play dough!

Playdough is one of our favorite things. It is quick and easy to make, and the kids spend hours molding, cutting, and generally making a mess!

Now, not only is this time great for mom to get some things done, it helps the kids learn and grow as well!

This is the best recipe for playdough. Now, I might be biased, since this is what I grew up playing with, but I've tried other recipes too. This one's the best!

1 cup Flour
1/2 cup Salt (yes, really)
1 teas. Cream of tartar
Mix these ingredients together in a medium sized pan.
In a measuring cup mix together:
1 cup water
1 TB Oil
Food Coloring (dye or Kool-aid!)
Mix wet ingredients in with the dry, and mix thoroughly.
Heat the mixture on medium, stirring until it becomes a dough.
Knead until smooth.


  1. I always remember my mom making play-doh for us when I was little it was great!

  2. How cool! That will be fun to make someday....

  3. 1/2 cup of salt? No wonder it never tasted good! (of course I tried homemade playdoh as a kid!)

  4. Yep! 1/2 cup of salt! It's a good thing salt is cheap!

  5. This was the perfect day for making playdough. I just tried it and it was fun! You told me about the recipe on your blog so I searched for "playdoh" and couldn't find it. I then searched for "tartar" and found it since you told me that's what was in the recipe. You could put variations of the spelling of playdoh on the blog post to help search engines pull up your site: playdough, playdoh, play-doh, play dough, play-dough, play doh

  6. You are right of course Heather! Thanks! I'm glad that you guys had fun with this!