Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thank you Mom!

I got out of the elevator at work today, and almost ran smack into somebody. He then moved "out of my way" but was in fact "in the way" again! As I untangled myself, and walked away, I said a silent "Thank you" to my mom. Why? Keep reading!

My mom has some quirky, and rather interesting views on strange things in life. Oftentimes they are the little things. Now that I'm getting older and have children of my own, I'm learning that maybe they weren't so little in the first place. Here's the "little things" that I've learned to do in life thanks to my mom.

* Don't slow down until you are actually in the Left Turn lane, unless you have to! Those people who start slowing down a mile away from their entrance to the lane... drive me crazy!

* The one who've been waiting for... When waiting for an elevator, DO NOT stand right in front of the doors! Stand back in case someone is getting off. It's not like the doors will close on you in 2 seconds! I find myself teaching my children this little tip!

* My husband laughs at me when I do this- or even when I mention it- but it is very helpful to cut your spaghetti before eating it! Less messy!

* My mother used to have a miraculous power of "turning off" rain while we were driving. Now, my own kids are amazed when I can turn it off too... when we're going under a bridge! :)

I'm sure I've gotten lots of other habits and ways of thinking from my mom. I know I was blessed by it, and so will my kids! After all; she's my mom!

COMMENTS: What are some "little things" that you learned from your mom? Share your thoughts!

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  1. I love all of those little thoughts! I especially agree with the elevator one. Drives me CRAZY when I get ready to get out and people just stand there right in front of me- especially when I have a stroller to unload and they try to come in at the same time with theirs!

    I gotta use the turn off the rain trick too- my 3 year old would think that was pretty cool ;)

  2. Fun post! We have always cut up spaghetti before serving it to the kids - much easier to eat. I'm always paranoid they'll choke while trying to slurp up a noodle, LOL!