Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids taking over the World!

We had a long-ish drive home on Mother's Day, and the kids were being hilarious in the back seat of the car. Since I really couldn't take pictures while I was driving, (hubby was working) I handed the kids the camera and let them go to town! The results are just hilarious! I'll have to do this more often!

And my personal favorite...

Now we need to teach focusing....

The bunny ears were actually a present to the GIRL... :)

As was the headband! (It was her princess crown!)

*Sigh* I have the cutest kids ever... :)

Thanks for visiting! *SMOOCH*


  1. too cute!! i did this once with my kids, but the success wasn't nearly as great :) anne

  2. I love the fishy face! Cute kids.

    hey, I need a bake sale item for our young womens camp fundraiser this weekend...any suggestions? I've been looking through your recipes, but am wondering if you have any tried and true favorites?

  3. Stacy! First thing first- you need to put an email address in your contact info so I can email you back! (if you want!)

    Some ideas:
    Chocolate Pudding Cookies. Makes a TON!
    Chocolate Butterscotch Bars. Very easy and yummy
    Peanut Butter Popcorn. It's chewy, and can be packaged in individual bags.
    Even a few batches of Rosemary Focaccia bread or Strawberry Scones would be good!

    Sorry I can't put links here, but some are on the sidebar, and you can look in the Recipe Index up above! Good luck!

  4. Adorable kids! Aren't digital cameras great. Now you don't have to worry about paying for bad prints, you just delete what you don't like.