Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some great "S" recipes!

It's hump day. How is your cooking going? So far this week I haven't cooked a real dinner once. Eeek! It's so easy not to, as my husband isn't home for dinner. So, to get my juices flowing, and hopefully yours, I thought I'd post some "S" recipes to help in this week's challenge!

Strawberry Scones
Fresh Salsa
Snowflake Candy (puppy chow)
Spinach dip
Strawberry Cookie Bars


  1. All those S recipes look wonderful :D I will have to try a few of them soon.. that is if I ever leave this desk chair LOL!

  2. These S recipes look delish! I'll have to try the stir fry! and the scones! yummy!
    Thanks for visiting my site. This one is makeing me hungry!!

  3. I saw your strawberry scones a bit ago and wanted to make them before and now I'm just reliving why I wanted to make them. Great idea to have a theme for the week. My theme for the week has been grilled pizza. Teaching a class tonight and we've had it every night this week . . no kidding. Family is getting a little tired of seeing pizza . . . Have a great day.