Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prayer; revisited

 This week on SITS is a "Back to Blogging" conference. It's designed to get  a blogger back into the swing of things after the summer's break. Yesterday's challenge was to re-post an old post that you loved.  So, I'm a day late, but I was looking over my old blog, and came across this post. It touched me again. I don't remember what I was going through at the time, but I know that it's a subject that I hold dear to my heart.

I believe in the power of Prayer. I believe that prayers are not only answered, but rejoiced over. I believe that prayer can change lives and alter people forever. Here is a wonderful quote and story on prayer that I read today, and thought I'd share.

Posted: 16 Mar 2009 01:00 AM PDT

“Family prayer is a powerful and sustaining influence. During the dark days of World War II, a 500-pound bomb fell outside the little home of Brother Patey, a young father in Liverpool, England, but the bomb did not go off. His wife had died, so he was rearing his five children alone. He gathered them together at this very anxious time for family prayer. They ‘all prayed . . . earnestly and when they had finished praying, the children said: “Daddy, we will be all right. We will be all right in our home tonight.”“ ‘And so they went to bed, imagine, with that terrific bomb lying just outside the door half submerged in the ground. If it had gone off it would have destroyed probably forty or fifty houses and killed two or three hundred people. . . . “ ‘The next morning the . . . whole neighborhood was removed for forty-eight hours and the bomb was finally taken away. . . . “ ‘On the way back Brother Patey asked the foreman of the A. R. P. Squad: “Well, what did you find?”“ ‘ “Mr. Patey, we got at the bomb outside of your door and found it ready to explode at any moment. There was nothing wrong with it. We are puzzled why it did not go off” ’ (Andre K. Anastasiou, in Conference Report, Oct. 1946, 26). Miraculous things happen when families pray together.”
James E. Faust, “The Lifeline of Prayer,” Liahona, July 2002, 68

Prayer can brighten up anyone's day. It can be a mode of meditation, and silent thanksgiving, or a joyous song of love.

How has prayer changed your life?


Today I'm so grateful for the power of prayer. I'm grateful that my husband has the Priesthood, and can bless our family through Heavenly Father's guidance. The world would be a lot scarier place without this channel to God. 


  1. Beautiful post and excellent choice for a reprise. Our parish priest regularly asks the children in our parish to pray for important issues and things. He says the innocence of children give them a special power of prayer.

  2. The power of prayer is very real! I am the early morning Seminary Teacher and we have been discussing Joseph Smith's first vision for the past 3 days and the power of prayer!! Love it!