Friday, November 5, 2010

Pumpkin Roundup!

I really appreciate all of your wonderful support through clicks and comments this past week! I've had tons of fun cooking and baking with pumpkin. I hope you found some great new recipes too! I shared 2 of them with my Mother-In-Law and she's already asking ("I don't want to beg") for repeats!

Here is a roundup of what I posted this week:

Hot Pumpkin Drink

Pumpkin Pie French Toast
Pumpkin Curry Alfredo

Pumpkin Nutella Bread

Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oats

Here are some Pumpkin recipes I've done in the past:

Apple Pie Chocolate Bark - Make it pumpkin by removing apples and adding Pumpkin Pie Spices
Pumpkin Cheesecake

And finally... here are some recipes from other blogs that you MUST try! I've starred (*) them if I haven't tried them yet! (They just sound divine!)

This Milkshake is addicting, so be careful! It's also perfect to use leftover pumpkin. 

Pumpkin Gingerbread* from

What is your favorite Pumpkin Recipe?


  1. Goodness! All these food blogs I'm finding are making me hungry! Stopping from SITS.

  2. Oh my they all look so good!! My favorite pumpkin recipe is my pumpkin streusel topped muffins!

  3. that pumpkin pie nutella bread and pumpkin pie french toast is topping my "too make" list. Thanks!

  4. Definitely pumpkin cinnamon rolls (I just made them a few days ago and haven't gotten around to posting them yet.. but OH man.. so good..) and pumpkin oats (of any sort. with PB dripped on top of that!)

  5. Thank you for this round-up! I LOVE PUMPKIN!!! Have you tried pumpkin bread pudding? My friend and I recently made a triple pumpkin bread pudding with pumpkin whipped cream and a pumpkin caramel sauce. DELICIOUS. If you're curious, here's the recipe: