Friday, July 31, 2009

Park day!

"Mom?" Whines the 3yr old. "I wanna go to the park!" She demands over and over.

So, after 30 minutes of redressing the boys (who like to go almost-commando), getting shoes on, and deciding who gets to ride which bikes, we are off!

Luckily we are within walking distance of a good park. The weather is nice today, with a breeze, so we make it there without any complaints.

The boys run off to play Pirates on the tall tower. I push McKenzie in the swing. It all seems nice and relaxing until... dun dun dun...McKenzie remembers that there is another park we can walk to!
"MOM! Let's go to other park" Let the whining/screaming/tantrum ensue.

Now, normally we would go to the other one. But the boys decide that they are done. So, we gather our rocks, leaves, flowers, and all other mother nature items that they decide belong in our house, and take off towards home...

With McKenzie throwing a tantrum the whole way home.

If Child Services shows up at my door know why.

So..take a gander at the poll over to the right. What kind of Park Mom are you?
Do you welcome the time when all your kids are playing and read your favorite book?
Do you run and climb and slide with your kids?
Do you sit and only get up if they INSIST on going on the swing?
No wrong answers! I've been guilty of all of them!

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  1. Gurllllllll! I feel your pain ! oh god I went through that with my eldest child at that age. lol! If I were there to see that I'd just bow my head and say "Let Us Pray" I love your new and old blog.. following both...