Monday, August 31, 2009

Those kids...

Don't you hate it when someone tells a joke that has to be explained? Well, I'm about to. Michael said the funniest thing at dinner tonight, but it requires some background. Sorry!

*We play the "Animal Game" in the car. Describe an animal, and the others guess it.
*We have 2 cats. A black/white cat, "Brigham", who is our lover cat. Then there is "Wednesday", part Siamese, who is our devil cat. Seriously.

Lately our game has turned into the following dialogue: prompted by McKenzie (3yr):
"It's (the animal to be guessed) black and white... is Brigham!!!" This is hilarious in itself, since she does either cat every time, and never lets us guess. Last night in the car, we did all Black and White animals, just to be funny. forward to dinner tonight. Dad starts the game..."What's black and white..." Michael immediately thinks he'll be funny and shouts "Brigham!"

A few more guesses and laughs later, it's Dad's turn again. He starts to describe Wednesday.

"What is brown and white..."
"Brigham!!!" yells the kids.
"No...BROWN and white...and hisses when she gets mad."
Michael promptly responds: "MOM!"

Yeah... game over.

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