Friday, September 4, 2009

I need help with bedtime- badly!!!

Okay, so here's the long story!
I have 3 kids: 6, 41/2, and 3yrs old. They all share the same room. There is no way to split them up- we only have 2 bedrooms.

We were bad parents, and have been giving them milk to fall asleep with. We just stopped that 2 weeks ago.

Now, bedtimes have always been a crazy, tantrum producing time. They don't settle- they play, talk, get up... I often am yelling at them many times before they fall asleep.

Now that we don't do milk, it's even crazier. They are not falling asleep until 11 or later, and having to get up early to get the oldest to school is killing them. They are soooo grumpy all day because they are tired.

So, now they have a mom who yells and is grumpy at bedtime, and then a no-fun day because everyone is grumpy.

Help!! Any good bedtime techniques that work for you? I'm at my rope's end!

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  1. When my kids started climbing out of the crib and I had to put them in a real bed suddenly bed time became a nightmare because they wouldn't stay in bed! We finally ended up letting them listen to books on tape (from the library) each night, and that ended up making all the difference. I don't know if that would work for you or not, but it has totally helped us!

  2. Don't worry, there are bedtime battles here a few doors down from you! :)

    My two older boys sleep in the same room and sometimes it's hard since they set each other off.

    Here are some ideas...
    * Put a lavendar essential oil diffuser in their room. It could help relax them.
    * Our routine is this: vitamin,brush, pj's, book, scripture, prayer, family scripture/song/&prayer, tuck in, 20 kisses, lights out, goodnight song. If you don't already have a routine you might want to do a routine.
    * Make sure the room is dark. If they're going to sleep at 11, then it's of course dark but if you want them to sleep at 8, get some dark curtains. I'm in the process of making some in the boys' room. (It's only taken me 4 months! :) )
    * Get the older child(ren) to help the younger child(ren). Salem has helped put Oaklen to bed a few times when I was with Ezril. It was cute to watch them and they both went to bed surprisingly!
    * Limit TV watching at least an hour before bedtime.
    * Dim the lights close to bedtime to help the body know it's time to sleep. If we have the overhead light on in their room they are more hyper than if we just have the lamp on.
    * I've learned it's easier to make a bed in the morning than at night. (Though I often still don't) If you have to fix the covers when you get in bed then that takes up time and could lead to distractions.

  3. Check out Supernanny. She has the most effective techniques around and once you do them for real, you will never have to revisit the issue. It is a permanent fix.