Monday, September 7, 2009


Watch any romance. The bath is warm and steamy, the bubbles are unbelievably abundant, covering the female star in rich luxuriousness. Not in real life!

Okay, so I admit that I'm not a huge bath fan/taker anyway. But still, what is the draw? I took a bath tonight because my muscles were screaming at me. I discovered the following:

1. My bathtub is too small. This causes me to have to tilt my head up on the wall, and then be forced to look belly. NOT the most pleasant thing to look at. And NOT the most relaxing, soothing experience.

2. My bathtub is dirty. Well, at least I know how I'm getting my workout tomorrow!

3. While I did have amazing bubble bath solution, the bubbles were not bigger than my head, and did not cover every inch of me; especially the aforementioned belly. *sigh*

4. As soon as you lift yourself out of the warm, soothing water, you freeze. I even turned the heat up before going in, and closed the door to keep it all in. I froze. There goes the warm fuzzy feeling I had. You spend a relaxing time in the bath (if you can look at other things then yourself) and then have to scramble to get warm again!

5. Back to the movies. HOW does anyone read a book in the bath? I took a book in with me, but didn't even attempt to open it! I didn't' want to ruin my book!

I admit there were *few* good features of the bath.

1. I got a blog article out of it.

2. I smell good.

3. My skin is soft and smooth.

And that's about it. Do you love baths? What is your favorite product to use in the bath?

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  1. I LOVE a good bath in the winter mostly when my feet are frozen like blocks of ice.. its the only thing that will make them warm again. I have yet to try and read in the bath.. I presume you would keep a fingertip towel on the side of the bath to dry your hands before handling your book. I like to use "Neutrogena Rainbath" it makes your skin soooo soft and it smells amazing.. it also produces great bubbles.

  2. Not a big bath taker myself either, so I can't really help but I wanted to let you know you aren't alone! :)

  3. Hi! Popping over from SITS Roll Call.

    I DO love a good bath, though I'm more likely to have a bath with fragrant aromatherapy oils than bubbles. It does help to have a roomy tub. A book sometimes, but mostly magazines really, when I read. Sometimes I just light some candles, bring in some soothing music, lay back, close my eyes and RELAX. Oh I am all about the bath. There is just something about that quiet time, the feel of the warm water enveloping your body and that wonderful smell of the oils in the air. So relaxing.

    Have a great week!

  4. Oh, and get you a super thick, plush long robe to throw on right away so you don't get that chill!

  5. I am not a huge bath-taker either, in fact, the only bath in our house is in the kids' bathroom. But when I do get the time to soak and the desire to overlook all the same cons of bathing that you mentioned, I like to have candles and love my Mary Kay lotus and bamboo loofah body cleanser I even love it in the shower!

    Stopping over from SITS!

  6. I just love baths! I could take one all day every day. Well, now that I think about it maybe not ALL day but for at least an hour a day. Pure bliss : ) Stopping over from SITS tonight!